Aerosol cans for products that promise beauty and care must be unique – in shape, look, feel and function. TUBEX offers this synergy for “full” sales success and has been supporting the cosmetics industry for over 50 years.

Your TUBEX advantages:
  • In-house design

  • Premium print quality

  • Ideal protection of the contents, thanks to internal coating without solvents

  • Optimum consulting and support, drawing on over 50 years’ experience

  • Sustainable thanks to eco-friendly inks and coatings, and the patented alloy “Neucan 3.1” – with real PCR option

  • Made in Germany – for short distances and highest quality


  • Confidentiality: Printing development under laboratory conditions in a separate print-proofing room

  • “Speed to market”: fast, in-house toolmaking

  • Sustainability: eco-friendly solutions for production and logistics

  • Stock production and storage upon request

  • Partner for holistic solutions


“Technologically, TUBEX is a true innovation driver in all value-added areas of the product portfolio.
Forward thinking, a consistently holistic approach and a strong focus on partnership are tangible parts of the corporate culture.”

Norbert Menzel, Global Packaging R&D, Beiersdorf

“More than 15 years ago, Puressentiel decided to use pure aluminium – as it is recyclable and therefore good for the environment.
TUBEX experts accompany us on our journey and ensures that we are able to offer high quality and product traceability. TUBEX is a strategic supplier of Puressentiel.
Thanks very much for your support.”

Florence Pacchioni Borgniet, Directeur des Opérations, Puressentiel

“For me, TUBEX is an innovation driver. Awarded with high quality that meets even Japanese demands. I have worked successfully with TUBEX for years. For KAO, I was always able to learn about the latest developments. Today, as a member of the jury of the Aerosol Forum Paris, I see the TUBEX innovations every year. Sustainability is very important there. This is almost always honoured with an award.”

Peter Lamboy, Director Packaging Development at Kao Germany until 2017, Managing Director of BDVI e.V. (the packaging network) since 2018.

“Over the last few years, Unilever has worked extensively with the team from TUBEX, and it has been a pleasure to work with them. Their vision and ability to bring new ideas to life has helped Unilever deliver its ambitious sustainability and cost saving programmes. Technically, the team are extremely competent, they are very approachable and fully embrace the work we are doing, even if some of the tasks are highly ambitious, they have remained dedicated to Unilever to deliver on time and with all our requirements delivered in full.

As a supplier of aerosol cans to Unilever, TUBEX go above and beyond other suppliers, I would highly recommend them.”

Philip Jagger, Aerosol Can Technology & Capability Manager, Deodorant Format Design Team, Unilever R&D, Global Design Centre