Rangendingen/Paris. TUBEX wins one ADF Award and three Certificates at the AEROSOL & DISPENSING Forum


TUBEX wins an ADF Award and three certificates at the AEROSOL & DISPENSING FORUM in Paris.

The German aerosol can producer was very successful at this year’s ADF Awards.

The winning streak started off with an award for the dispenser MINIMALIST.

MINIMALIST is the newest addition to TUBEX holistic sustainability approach. The dispenser is made of mostly one material (aluminium) to enhance the overall recyclability of the aerosol can. So far plastic dispensers are not being recycled during the recycling process and the material is lost. With the MINIMALIST dispenser up to 95% of the aerosol can can be recycled. The upcoming packaging and packaging waste regulation (ppwr) focuses on the recyclability of packaging and MINIMALIST is best in class in terms of recyclability.

Two certificates were awarded to TUBEX for print excellence. The new development together with partner Sun Chemical captured the jury by displaying a polychromatic ink that shines in all the colours of the rainbow. Only one application of this ink is needed to create this stunning effect. The ink is applied by silkscreen and is conventionally cured and not by UV. New and unique decoration effects can be realized with this ink to enhance shelf appearance.

The second certificate for print was for the Nivea pearl & beauty deodorant. A perfectly shimmering pearl is the centrepiece of the design, and it was mastered by using the copy dot technique.

The third and last win of a certificate was for the aerosol can Refill by Respray Kft. Respray, a Hungarian start-up, has - like TUBEX - a unique and clear sustainability strategy. The start-up invented a machine where deodorants can be refilled with the original deodorant up to 5 times.

Leopold Werdich, managing director of TUBEX was delighted: “It is great to see that the TUBEX team is recognized for its work – creating a unique technology that opens up new design possibilities. We are also trying to create products that have ecological and economic benefits. We are honoured and proud that our work is acknowledged with one award and three certificates.”