Two prices for TUBEX at the Aerosol & Dispensing Forum in Paris

One award and one certificate


An Award and a Certificate for TUBEX at the ADF 2023 in Paris.  TUBEX unique holistic approach towards sustainability was awarded with a certificate by the jury. The German manufacturer is the only producer of aerosol cans that offers additional sustainable components besides aluminium with real PCR® content this includes internal powder coating and natural inks. These innovations are complemented by an overvarnish consisting of biodegradable ingredients which is currently in the developing stage together with TUBX partner PURe inks system AG.

TUBEX received an award in the category Concept of the Year for the innovative print design of the Foil2Can aerosol can. This new design combines matt and high gloss design elements which were achieved by using the patented inline-FOILING® provided by partner Isimat Siebdruckmaschinen GmbH.

This beauty displays what you expect from TUBEX. Real PCR® content in the patented Neucan 3.1 slug and use of BPM-ni and NMP-ni free internal lacquer. This revolutionary print design was achieved in one machine pass – which opens a new dimension in aerosol decoration. This unique decorating technique allows exciting new design possibilities which where so far not possible and will for sure attract at the Point of Sale.