Leopold Werdich, Managing Director of TUBEX GmbH, is re-locating within the Group of Companies of Dr Grupp.




Mr Werdich will take up a senior management position at CAG Holding GmbH from June 2024.

Leopold Werdich was Managing Director of TUBEX in Rangendingen for almost twenty-five years. During this time, he developed TUBEX into a modern, innovative and sustainable manufacturing company. Numerous national and international prizes and awards for ecological packaging are closely associated with his name.

In his role as Managing Director of TUBEX Packaging (formerly TUBEX Holding), which he held since 2004, he set trendsetting impulses in internationalisation (including South America and Eastern Europe) and the strategic orientation of the plants.

Leopold Werdich was and is inquisitive in the best sense of the word. This inquisitiveness, coupled with his creativity – to do things differently, to think in new ways – his innovative strength and his will to constantly improve packaging have characterised TUBEX.

The Grupp family would like to thank Mr Werdich for his outstanding work over the past few years and looks forward to continuing to work with him at CAG Holding.

Cornelius Grupp - CEO of TUBEX Holding since September 2023 - will take over the operational management of the Aerosol Cans division.

‘Leopold Werdich was and is - in addition to his successful commitment to the further development of the TUBEX Group - above all a role model for his empathic behaviour towards all employees. He stood and still stands for the core values of a family business,’ emphasises Cornelius Grupp.