TUBEX Rangendingen was the third company in Baden-Württemberg to be awarded the KEFF+ label.



Active energy management is an important part of the holistic sustainability strategy at TUBEX. For some time now, the team has been working on the efficient utilisation of waste heat.

A new overall concept has been developed for this purpose: The waste heat from the compressors and from post-combustion is utilised both for heating the building and for process heat. Efficient plate heat exchangers channel the waste heat to the end users of the line production. This almost completely replaces the use of electric heating systems.

A highly motivated team of energy electronics specialists, electrical technicians, engineers, and project managers are not satisfied with this yet. They are already working on optimising the concept to save as much energy as possible by using waste heat. The aim is to contribute to achieving the climate targets in Baden-Württemberg and Europe.

TUBEX took part in the first IHK Energy Table Zollernalbkreis together with eight other companies from the Zollernalbkreis. The aim was to identify energy-saving opportunities in dialogue with each other and with external energy consultants and to implement them in the medium term. The project was successfully completed at the end of 2023. Together, the participating companies have managed to save 1,300 tonnes of CO2 per year.

KEFF+ is the regional competence centre for resource efficiency. On behalf of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector, it offers companies (particularly those in the manufacturing industry) a neutral point of contact for support services in the area of resource efficiency and climate protection.