Rangendingen. World Aluminium Can Award – double win for TUBEX aerosol cans.



The TUBEX team is thrilled to receive two World Aluminium Can Awards.

One prize has been awarded in the category “Can already on the market” and the second one in the category “sustainability” for its holistic approach in sustainability.

The Beiersdorf „Nivea pearl & beauty“ shows impressively the outstanding skill of the TUBEX team in the field of pre-press and decoration

The can is printed in dark translucent aubergine to enhance the focal point of the design: the pearl. The dark translucent aubergine colour of the can and the contrast of the shimmering pearl captures the eye of the observer. To get the contrast right – the challenge is to apply the right amount of the dark aubergine ink and to make sure the light coloured ink of the pearl is not tinted.

TUBEX offers its customers a unique sustainability concept. The Nivea aerosol can  „Nivea Volumen Pflege“ shows what is possible.

The patented alloy Neucan 3.1 slug is combining advantages of significant weight reduction and a possible inclusion of real PCR®. The winner can is made with 50 % real PCR® inclusion and is printed with PURe inks. The use of PURe ink optimizes the holistic approach.

This can shows that a closed-loop concept in monobloc aluminium cans is feasible.

The can is proof that good looks and sustainability go well together.