Yet another ADF Award in the category „Concept of the Year“ for TUBEX


Yet another ADF Award in the category „Concept of the Year“ for TUBEX for a natural overvarnish. The ingredients are all biodegradable. Standard overvarnish (not water-based overvarnish) usually consists of Polyester which is based on mineral oil.

None of the used ingredients are based on mineral oil – meaning the award winning overvarnish is completely mineral oil free. The joint development of TUBEX and Partner PURe is a milestone. A biodegradable overvarnish was so far unthinkable. It complements the TUBEX strategy of „The most sustainable aluminium monobloc aerosol can on earth“ perfectly.

TUBEX hasn’t only won the award for the Concept of the year – but also a certificate for the Cien Deodorant can in the category Personal Care. The can displays various sustainable components. Our patented alloy Neucan 3.1 reduced the weight of the aerosol can by six per cent and twenty-five per cent real PCR from the yellow bag/consumer waste are included in the alloy. The exclusive cooperation of TUBEX and PreZero PYRAL secures real PCR material from consumer waste. This avoids using recycling material from already well functioning recycling loops „Not to rob Peter to pay Paul“.

The print consists of ecological printing ink. The ingredients are mostly from renewable resources. Water-based overvarnish with sixty per cent less solvents compared to standard overvarnish complements the design.

Both awards show that TUBEX offers brand owners real solutions in sustainability.

TUBEX prevailed among a total of 180 submissions in different categories. Altogether the  forty-seven members of the jury awarded fifty-eight products with a prize or certificate.