TUBEX wins consecutive World Star Award with the Cien Deodorant.


After 2021 TUBEX has been awarded once again with a World Star Award by the World Packaging Organisation.

The Cien deodorant aerosol can was very successful throughout the year and this award is a great closure of this successful year. Cien, a brand by Lidl, displays the TUBEX sustainability DNA from inside to the outside of a can.

Leopold Werdich explains: „The can is made of our  patented alloy Neucan 3.1 with 25 per cent real PCR (from the yellow bag/bin). We have an exklusive collaboration with PreZero PYRAL, to supply TUBEX with certified real PCR.“

The natural printing ink was one of the last missing components where so far no real sustainable solution was available – which changed with the development and use of natural printing ink. Ink supplier PURe and TUBEX worked tireless to offer brand owners the possibility to decorate aluminium aerosol cans with natural ink. To complete the task of producing currently the most sustainable aluminium monobloc aerosol can – waterbased over varnish was used. Cien deodorant is sustainability from the inside to the outside. Leopold Werdich concludes: „A big thanky you to our team and partners for the excellent work – who made this development and great success possible.“